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Watercolor Painting Trips, Summer 2013

Sat, Apr 13th, 2013

To Camille Pissarro..."Go to the country - The muse is in the woods." - Jean-Baptiste-Camill Corot

Over the years, many students have told me what great peace and satisfaction they've experienced while painting. Some have said that the hours spent "lost in a watercolor" were the best form of mental relaxation they've enjoyed in a busy and stressful life. I agree. Not only is painting a fun and stimulating activity, but it's also a great way to unwind.

Why not join me this summer and help me find this "muse in the woods?" A trip to a beautiful location, while you are painting in the great outdoors, can work wonders for your art and your spirit. I am pleased to be offering three painting trips this year to Lake Tahoe, California, Central Park, New York City and Shelburne, Vermont.

At the start of every morning and afternoon session of each workshop, I always offer a brief demonstration. During which, I present an approach for rendering the scene before us. Have you ever looked at an early morning sky with clouds that have cool, blue-violet tops and bases just beginning to be touched by the warm, reddish hues of the rising sun? Have you wondered how to paint such an effect? Or have you walked through the tall grass of a summer meadow late in the day and contemplated how you would mix the rich, golden green colors? Have you ever been mesmerized by the bright glare on a lake and thought how wonderful it would be if "I" could paint such a scene? These possibilities and more are addressed in my presentations. After which, you will have the opportunity try your hand at a similar effect. And of course, I'm available all day for individualized instruction.

Make sure to bring enough paper and to plan on doing 2-3 sketches per day. Pack an extra tube of Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Ivory Black - just in case. For my outdoor workshops, you'll need a French easel or a watercolor tripod easel. A portable stool to sit on while you paint will be just fine for plein air painting.

The North Tahoe Art Center, located in Tahoe City, California, will be hosting my weekend watercolor workshop from June 8 - 9, click here to visit their website. My outdoor watercolor workshop in Central Park, NYC, will begin on Wednesday, August 14, and conclude on Friday, August 16, click here to download a PDF application form. The Shelburne Craft School will host my Shelburne Farms & Lake Champlain Residential, Five-Day, Intensive Watercolor Workshop on August 19 - August 23. (Please call Julia at Shelburne Farms to register: 802-985-8686.)

My Wednesday evening and Thursday morning classes at the Ridgewood Art Institute will continue through July and resume in September.

To register for the abovementioned classes, click here to visit my class page.

"If we can give a man a canvas that will take him away from his desk and lead him into the field and make him feel what we feel in the presence of beauty, we have done something good. In our art this is what we strive for." - George Inness